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Support Ticket of the Week

Support Ticket of the Week 29 October

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The Issue


A client was experiencing issues setting up MBus Heat meters and pad pulses. All devices were online and discoverable, but readings were stale once pulled into the database. Because of this the client believed that the issue was being caused by the JACE. 


How We Helped


We first established the products being used which were the JACE 8000 and MBus Converter RS485.


We established that the pad pulses were battery powered, which meant that they would wake up periodically and update the value before returning to sleep mode. Although the devices are not permanently powered, they could be forced to wake by pressing the small button on the pulse pad.


The client was advised to check the equipment to confirm how often and how long the meter wakes for.  Once they were known, the polling on the JACE could be adjusted by the client to take readings during wake times stopping them from receiving stale readings.


By interacting with the client in this way we were able to arm them with the information they needed to address the root cause of the problem and solve the issue they were experiencing.



  • JACE 8000
  • MBus Converter RS485
  • iSMA-MG-IP

We’re here to help!


If you have any questions our technical issues around the products you are using, our Innon Support Team is available Monday – Friday 09:00 – 17:00


If you don’t have time to talk to support, you can also check out the Innon Knowledge Base, which has a range of articles and help guides available to view for free. 




Innon Team

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