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Niagara 4.9 is officially launched

Niagara 4.9 brings exciting new features that continue to evolve Niagara’s key tenets of visualization, rapid deployment, security, Edge, connectivity, certification and IT compliance.

Here are the main features:

1. Integration with Video Surveillance:

Maximize the safety and protection of building assets and occupants

Video Surveillance can now be seamlessly incorporated into your Building Management System (BMS) with html-5 presentation.

  • Stream live or recorded video feeds

    • Browser or Mobile Device Ready

    • Control PTZ Cameras

    • Incorporate Video into system graphics

  • Integrate Video with Niagara Alarm Console

Display Video Feeds for cameras associated with Niagara Alarms

  • Pop-up Video on alarm

  • Go to PTZ Preset on alarm

  • Detect Motion / Occupancy

Supported Integrations

  • Milestone Xprotect Professional and Corporate

  • Axis Cameras (Live Viewing)

2. Enabling Critical Control of Field Equipment

Updated to support 2 IO-R-34 modules and control of both onboard and remote IO with ACE, utilize Edge 10 in more projects and for more applications by enabling critical control of field equipment that require additional IO modules

3. Supporting ACE on 3rd Party Hardware

Originally released in 4.8 for Edge 10, 3rd party hardware vendors creating controllers powered by Niagara now have the option to include ACE on their platforms.

ACE offers deterministic time and fast startup to control times that enables critical control of field equipment and reduces downtime.

Look for announcements from your favorite Powered By Niagara controller as ACE is rolled out!

4. Enhanced Graphics with Tag Based Visualization

Time spent re-creating graphics for a common application is money wasted
• Create local graphics based on tags once, and then reuse for any other Niagara instance that features tags
• Tags and metadata are the future of building management
• Conform with the latest building design specifications by using a graphical user interface (GUI) based entirely on tags

5. Securely Navigate Niagara Stations with Single Sign On

Niagara 4.4 introduced Single Sign On (SSO) with your Identity Provider (IdP). Niagara 4.9 now features native IdP capability

• Reduce reliance on IT support infrastructure when accessing Niagara Stations via a browser
• Users can now utilize Niagara as an IdP, instead of manually configuring and managing an external IdP
• Improves the security posture of your stations by centralizing user credentials and management
• Improve user navigation and experience across Niagara infrastructure
• SSO allows users to login into one station and access all other connected stations without having to re-authenticate.

6. Enabling Cloud Connectivity

Reduce the time and complexity of integrating Niagara with cloud solutions with updated connectivity options.
• Updates to Niagara MQTT driver to support AWS (Amazon Web Services) Authentication.
• New JSON Toolkit to construct bespoke messages into required formats for cloud communication.

7. Facilitating Niagara at the Edge

Reduce time spent installing, commissioning, and configuring multiple Niagara devices with application templates and provisioning.

The latest updates to Edge Tools include the ability to upgrade installed application templates, flexibility in defining and configuring peer device and/or station proxies upon installation of an application template, and new provisioning steps.

8. IT Operations Support

Facilitate compliance and enable modern services that need to communicate with the web by allowing secure connectivity behind corporate IT proxy servers. Niagara Proxy Service now supports HTTPS connections and digest authentication scheme!

Download all the Niagara 4.9 Features 


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