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The Link IO Story


How many times have you had to choose between the flexibility of open protocols and the reassurance that comes with the lengthy warranty of proprietary protocols?

More importantly, why should you be made to choose the solution that suits some of your requirements, but does not meet all requirements? And, why should this be the industry standard? 

Barriers and questions like these are what began the journey that would lead to the development of the Link IO. 

What is Link IO ?

Link IO is an Open Protocol distributed IO system with a 5 year warranty. Link IO combines high-quality manufacturing and a 5-year warranty, with a gateway to open protocols and their associated flexibility. Its product features include a display screen that will enable you to run system checks without the need for additional equipment and 10 universal channels that can be configured for input, or output to suit your requirements.

Product Features

  • 5 year warranty
  • Display Screen
  • 20 Input and Output Channels (10 fixed and 10 universal than can be configured for input or output)
  • Expandable up to 180 I/O points (up to 10 Expansion Modules)
  • Commissioning using the display
  • Hand/Off/Auto using the display
  • Watchdog for safe operation
  • Built-in stand-alone IO functions

Special Functions

  • Pulse counter
  • Analog input re-scale to analog output
  • Digital input to digital output
  • Thermostat

The Link IO represents a partnered approach joining Innon's innovation and software development capability with the CAREL’s hardware. CAREL is trusted all over the world in critical control applications and backed by expertise, experience and a mission to achieve high efficiency, which made them a natural choice to manufacture the Link IO.

If you would like to benefit from all the advantages of the Link IO, schedule a call with your Account Manager, who will be happy to discuss how Link IO can help you. 


Discover Link IO   


Innon Team

Our mission is to help engineers make the best out of technology.


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