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Go Wireless Without Worry

You Can Go Wireless Without Worry With Enless Wireless


Wireless solutions have not always been well received, there have been issues that have left you a little bitter and battle-scarred, but that doesn’t mean that going wireless in the future will mean a repeat of previous experiences. Enless Wireless offers you technologies that will fit your project requirements no matter the scale or transmission distance.

Ok we know….


Let’s be frank; your past experiences with wireless technology haven’t been great. When we asked you (the online community) for your experiences, problems and hesitations with wireless, the feedback you gave us fell into these categories.


  • Poor battery life that results in the battery needing to be replaced in less than a year
  • Unreliable signal strength that can change from day to day
  • Disturbance from neighbouring signals interfering with transmissions 
  • They struggle to transmit over long distances


Understandably this can result in issues that are expensive to fix and come straight from your own pocket. It creates a lack of confidence which isn’t something that you don’t want, particularly when the nature of the project, such as a listed building, means that wired options are not an option.


All is not lost..


You’ll be relieved to know that with the advancement of IoT there are now wireless technologies from Enless Wireless that will allow you to achieve what had previously been unachievable using a typical BMS application. These technologies are:


  • Wireless M-Bus
  • LoRa/LoRa WAN
  • Sigfox




What this means for you


These solutions mean that you have the opportunity to overcome the roadblocks you’ve encountered in the past. 

They operate on frequencies of 169MHz (Wireless MBus) or 868MHz (LoRA/LoRa WAN and Sigfox) that will keep your site connected without interference whether the building you are working with is large or small. 

The transmission frequency will give you a battery that will average 5 years before it needs to be replaced, reassuring you that the sensors won’t let you down, saving you avoidable and possibly expensive trips to site to replace a battery.

Innon Energy is the official exclusive distributor of Enless Wireless for the United Kingdom and Ireland. This collaboration enables us to bring you wireless technologies that work with the other distributed products in the Innon range and a greater entrance point to IoT technologies. 

Innon will only ever offer you solutions that fit in with its brand values. They are simple to use, easy to implement and offer you continuous improvement. Most importantly, all products are fully supported by the Innon team.

If you’re not sure about the wireless technology that will be right for you, take a look at our Knowledge Base article or feel free to have a chat with one of our team who will be happy to advise you on the right solution for you based on your project requirements. 


You can take a look at the Enless range here and see for yourself >>>


Who is Enless Wireless ?


Enless Wireless is a French manufacturer of IoT and M2M radio devices dedicated to energy monitoring applications.

Enless has been active for more than 10 years it the telecommunications field, with always the same philosophy: provide easy to use, robust and reliable radio solutions to its customers. So far, nearly 200.000 Enless devices have been dispatched across Europe. Among the 500 Enless Wireless’s clients, you can find system integrators, operators and value-added distributors such as Innon.

Enless Wireless has a strong experience in automation through two distinct protocols (Wireless M-Bus and LoRa) that allow to collect radio data on PLCs. Enless also focuses it growth on IoT technologies such as Sigfox and LoRa(WAN). All these long range / low power protocols are usable in Europe with no restrictions.



Innon Team

Our mission is to help engineers make the best out of technology.


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